Photography in the Visual Culture 2021

I m proud to be a Part of the new Book of Photography! Press: The new book Photography in the Visual Culture 2021 #photographyinthevisualculture #contemporaryphotographers . Evolution, change, development and progress of visual culture, thanks to photography. It tells the changing world and photographic art that influences design, commerce, fashion, and the history of our days. Shots that tells the story of the world we live in. VISUAL CULTURE series of books aim to tell and show the strategic importance of visual communication in all fields. This book is dedicated to photography and photographers of the moment and collects the most interesting shots from all over the world. Available on Italian bookshops, on Amazon Europe and major online bookshops. Translated in 2 languages to reach the largest audience. Distribution in more than 20 countries. ISBN 978-88-888891-38-5