About Me

Professional Qualification

  • Apprenticeship as Photographer: ZDF, Fotostudio Goldmann /
  • Photo Studio Wolf & von Schweinitz
  • photographer in the field of fashion
  • 1983 On stay in the USA
  • Professional Experience
  • until 1990
  • Assistant to ZDF, NDR / cameraman  report on the Orient Express
  • Music contributions in Europe for the music magazine on ZDF 
  • Assistance with various photographers like:
  • Otto Weisser Playboy etc. (Switzerland), Herbert Dengel Fashionphotography
  • (Wiesbaden) and Thomas Haderer Fashion Photography (Hamburg)
  • since 1990 work as a freelance photo designer in his own studio
  • 1992 Resident in Milan for 1 year
  • 2006 Foundation of the International Model Agency BIRDCAGE with
  • Partner agencies worldwide
  • 2009
  • Examination of the Chamber of Crafts for training authorization
  • 2024
  • We moved to Italy.
  • Locality La Villa 49,
  • 52010 Subbiano (AR)
  • Geodata: 43.596114, 11.889671
  • We will offer holiday homes, holiday apartments, retreats, yoga courses, photo workshops, vernissages, shootings, film/photo location, as well as SedCard shootings.


He has also staged the next generation of models from „Germany’s Next Top Model“ in Los Angeles for ProSieben. Paris Hilton, Londonbeat, Natascha Wright (La Bouche), Thomas Anders and Udo Jürgens have all stood in front of the camera in his model villa in Taunusstein/Hesse – where he prefers to work despite his many travels. „The special, decelerated and concentrated atmosphere in my retreat is often the basis for the extraordinary moment that needs to be shown,“ emphasizes the photo psychologist and people expert Ulrich HM Wolf, who is unusually reserved for the media environment. A big city is not an option for his home base, and Taunusstein has become his trademark: „Of course, models and clients regularly ask for Taunus…where? After their arrival from Berlin, London, NY, Milan, etc., everyone who comes for the first time quickly realizes: the warm atmosphere is unique and visible?The latest creation is called FACES – unique art portraits of mostly prominent faces.The chance to give something back to the world, to do something for a good cause and to convey messages is the intention of Ulrich HM Wolf, who, as he says, should actually be fighting whalers on a rubber dinghy in the ocean, but is unable to do so because he feels too much empathy and emotion towards the animals and their misery. Also out of great joy in creating new works of art and the possibility of having found his outlet here, but to leave a little something positive in this world.

Vernissage „Faces“: The Art of Ulrich HM Wolf

Continuation of the „Faces-tour“ of the fashion photographer Ulrich HM Wolf.

The focus was once again on the spectacular FACES artwork of the sought-after photo designer, who works with Stars like Paris Hilton and  is known nationally and internationally through his artistic-emotional RISKY ambient shots and  advertising jobs.

Faces artworks with Thomas Anders and other celebrities who worked with Wolf for a good cause were presented in this exhibition.

Press release Vernissage

Ulrich HM Wolf presents on his „Faces-tour“ not only art in the traditional sense, but works that are created in collaboration with celebrity faces from the show business, the film and music scene.

His series „Faces“ draws attention to appreciating the finer things in life on the one hand. However, on the other hand, it points to the social and environmental issues. For example pollution and bee mortality.
It offers celebrities the opportunity to give face to their volunteer activities, clubs, and patronage, or share their worries and fears.

The result is art with great power and force that draws the viewer in.


  • Paris Hilton for RICH Prosecco
  • Thomas Anders(ModernTalking)for FACES
  • Germanys Next Top Model by Heidi Klum
  • Panasonic
  • BettyBarclay
  • gold arrow
  • Sony
  • LCN
  • Nikolai Valuev(Boxer)
  • Angela Maurer (World Cup Swimmer)
  • London Beat
  • Weather Girls
  • Ella Singh Los Angeles
  • GNTM
  • Soultans
  • Michael Johnson (US5)
  • Udo Jürgens / Natasha Wright (La Bouche)
  • Marijke Amado (RTL) for FACES
  • Chris Liebing
  • Jochen Horst (Grimme Preis Träger,Balko,etc) for FACES
  • Markus Mörhl NDW (Gib Gas ich Spass) for FACES
  • Yvonne König(Schlager) for FACES
  • Alexandra Katharina(Country) for FACES
  • July Townsend(GNTM) for FACES
  • Nico Schwanz(RTL) for FACES
  • Kiki Cordalis for FACES
  • DJKC
  • The Force by Peter Ries
  • Eric Decks
  • Hakle / KimberlyClark-London – Kleenex
  • Davidoff
  • Jost fashion houses
  • Kaufhof
  • Sport fink
  • Woolworth
  • RTL
  • Sinn Leffers
  • Vera Mont
  • Monteil Paris
  • Miracle of Denim
  • Merch Mashiah(Israel)
  • Pro7
  • RTL
  • ZDF
  • Voice Aid
  • Fame & Fashion Paris Philipp Plein
  • Magazine: Publications :
  • Vogue
  • Madame
  • cubit
  • Cosmopolitan
  • Goldwell
  • Art Projects (Faces).